For exhibition 45 we are pleased to be showing in the front gallery recent photographic works by Chapel Hill, North Carolina based artist Tama Hochbaum, a subset of her ongoing Silver Screen series dealing with dance. For some time Hochbaum has been capturing televised content with her iPhone, in particular films from the 1940s, organizing her shots into grids and printing the digital files onto aluminum. The series, which began as an homage to her late mother, has evolved into an exploration of generationally stacked technologies for delivering media, their correlation with personal memory, and in juxtaposition, the accumulation of shared cultural references. The exhibition corresponds with the release of Hochbaum's new book, Silver Screen, published by Daylight Books. This is Hochbaum's fifth solo with the gallery.


For exhibition 45 in the middle gallery, continuing our focused series of presentations of four paintings by individual artists, we are pleased to show new oils on canvas by London based painter Erin Lawlor, selections from her series London Field, named for the park, and by extension the district, in East London adjacent to Lawlor’s studio, in the borough of Hackney. Lawlor, who for many years prior lived and worked in Paris, is gaining ever wider recognition through her international exhibitions, as well as her curatorial forays and her online chronicling of the painting scene in Europe and New York. With her practice, Lawlor manages a contemporaneous refocusing of the classic tropes of gestural abstraction with an emphasis on interstitial unity. She achieves a bonded whole both in her surface and her imagery through the viscous flow of her chosen medium and the intermixed tertiary colors of her chosen palette, always eliciting a sense of suspended animation in the process. This is Lawlor's third solo with the gallery.