For Exhibition 53 we are showing a recent suite of twelve 25-inch squares by Alan Ebnother, an American painter originally from the Bay Area and now based in Nordhausen, Germany. His work has been exhibited extensively over the last 25 years in Europe and the Western United States. Ebnother's paintings, dry pigments hand-ground in oil and brushed onto stretched linen, are characterized by rich impasto, dense pigmentation, and an intuitive, agile marking. Ebnother was originally trained as a ballet dancer, dancing in Stuttgart and Hamburg. He retains a strong physicality in his work with a dispersed composition and active paint handling. The high pigment-to-oil ratio and furrowed surfaces of these paintings combine to create an unusually saturated color with a grounded physicality. Ebnother was for many years associated with the Radical Painting group whose adherents include Joseph Marioni, Marcia Hafif and the late Rudolph DeCrignis and John Meyer. His painting is in the collections of the Albright Knox Museum, Berkeley Museum (BAMPFA), New Mexico Museum of Art, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Sheldon Museum of Art, and Haus Konstructive, Zurich. This is his fourth solo with the gallery.